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Foggy Lake
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Jane Carroo
  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher

  • Certified JourneyDance™ Guide

  • Certified Professional Organizer

  • Certified Relocation Transition Specialist

  • Life Coach

How I found peace and passion...
through Yoga, Yoga Nidra & JourneyDance

Seeking peace and harmony, I stumbled upon a yoga practice that felt so restorative.  It felt so good when I did it, like a mini vacation.  I started to look forward to it as a personal retreat.  Within a few years, I signed up for an immersion which led to certification and advanced training. The vision became clear to share this practice with others.


Later, I wanted to incorporate yoga poses into my classes so I trained to become an Amrit yoga teacher. It is so valuable to my practice and offerings.

And then came JourneyDance™

I loved to dance when I was young and longed to bring that back into my life.  So, I sought training and became a JourneyDance Guide and now I am happy to share it with others.  It's transformative!

JourneyDance is a gently guided free-form movement. It's a conscious dance practice that cultivates self-awareness, self-acceptance and  self-love. Express yourself, process blocked energy and connect to your true essence.  Re-ignite your passion for life and open to your highest vibration!

My background is a kaleidoscope of career and educational experiences all culminating in an endeavor to find and cultivate peace and passion.

My history includes a teaching degree in communications, experience as a business consultant, life coach and then a nationally recognized Certified Professional Organizer and  Certified Relocation Transition Specialist.

The most important part of this journey is to be of service to others. Especially those people that struggle to find peace in this world as that has been my personal challenge. 

Allow me to support you in whatever way will work best for you.

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