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…to a place that promotes peace and passion

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The Peaceful Presence arose out of the desire to cultivate peace inside of me and be able to show others how they can have it, too.  The presence is within all of us and encompasses everything.  It is the oneness with the universe. 

Everything is connected...

This is all about helping people find ways to access peace and promote passion in their lives.  There are many avenues to explore. 

Some of the practices that I've found include Yoga, Yoga Nidra Meditation, JourneyDance™, Coaching and Organizing.  

“We live in the now. We breathe in the now.
We can only be happy in the present, not the past or future.
Take ownership of today because that is what is absolutely real.
This moment is your life.” 

— Kamini Desai, PhD


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Coaching & Collaborating

Life Coaching

There are many challenges people struggle with on their own.  Sometimes, they benefit from having a trusted pro to help clarify what may be in the way of living a meaningful and memorable life.

Just like there are many challenges, there are also many ways that can be helpful to explore.  When one can experience a life that feels truly authentic, it can be very fulfilling.

Whether it's personal phone coaching, attending a workshop or through a customized guided meditation, you can choose what feels best to you.

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Moving & Meditating

Finding Peace
Living with Passion
Feeling Balance

Yoga Nidra Meditation

How I found peace...​

Having been on my own quest to find peace and harmony, I found a yoga practice that felt so restorative, like a mini vacation.  I looked forward to it as a personal retreat.  It became an important part of my life. Now, I am grateful to share it with others.

Yoga Nidra Sample-Jane Carroo

Sessions are usually 30-60 minutes.
An easy form of guided meditation.


This yoga is gentle meditative movement. It's Meditation in Motion. Tune into the innate intelligence of the body so that you can move effortlessly through life...


And then came dance...

JourneyDance is a gently guided free-form movement. It's a conscious dance practice that cultivates awareness, acceptance and love. Experience emotion, process trapped energy, reconnect to your passion for life, and open to your highest vibration!


Intentional Living 
Organized Home
Functional Work Space

Do you love your home?

Can you find what you need?

Does your home and office function for you?

Since 2004, I have been helping clients organize their spaces and I can help you, too. 


Each person has a unique way of operating and the solutions need to fit them and their space. 

When you love your space,  you feel totally comfortable and function at your best.


Let me help to assess your needs so you can move forward loving your space and life.

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Happy Clients


Kate B. –Naples, FL

 I'm so fortunate to have met Jane! She was able to help me identify and organize my business aspirations. Doing so provided me with the framework necessary to take action towards my dreams and desires. Jane was a major player in the attainment of my goals— in business and beyond!

Gloria –Bonita Springs, FL

You created a perfect environment: safe, secure, creative, inspiring, beautiful.  You drew kindred spirits together. Great class, wonderful gift. Thank you!

Jill S. – Naples, FL

I wasn't sure what to expect, but was surprised! I don't tend to be good at meditation, quieting my mind and slowing down but this was truly a powerful and transformational experience for me. I highly recommend it.


Susan G. –Chicago, IL

After many failed attempts of following decluttering plans on my own, I accepted an  accountability partner. I pushed myself past the embarrassment of my 'stuffitis' and contacted Jane Carroo whose name is revered in the professional organizing industry. Through her calming, motivating voice I opened up to try something different. Each step of her plan increased my energy and perseverance to stay focused on the 'prize.'  Jane is a delight to work with and surely inspirational towards your success. 

Thank you Jane!

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