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How I found peace...through Yoga Nidra Meditation

Having been on my own health quest to find peace and harmony, I stumbled upon a yoga practice that felt so restorative.  It felt so good when I did it, like a mini vacation.  I started to look forward to it each month as a personal retreat.  Eventually, I loved it so much that I signed up for an immersion and then went on for certification so that I could share it with others.

The Peaceful Presence arose out of the desire to have access to peace inside of me and be able to show others how they can have it, too.  The presence is within all of us and encompasses everything.  It is the oneness with the universe.  Everything is connected...

Finding Peace

Declaring Intentions

Feeling Balance

Ongoing Support

I wasn't sure what to expect, but was surprised! I don't tend to be good at meditation, quieting my mind and slowing down but this was truly a powerful and transformational experience for me. I highly recommend it.
-Jill S. Naples, FL

And then came JourneyDance


JourneyDance is a gently guided free-form movement modality where you simply cannot do it wrong! It's a conscious dance practice that cultivates self-awareness, self-acceptance and  self-love. You’ll experience a wide range of emotions, passionate expression, playfulness, and movement as prayer. 


Come celebrate in community, share healing energy, expand your bandwidth for love and connection, re-ignite your passion for life, and open to your highest vibration!


You created a perfect environment: safe, secure, creative, inspiring, beautiful. You drew kindred spirits together. Great class, wonderful gift, thank you!

Gloria, Bonita Springs, FL




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